How to Create a Memorable Holiday Experience – Memorial Day 

Memorial Day, as we all know, is a national federal holiday. For many years it has been a day to mourn our honorary military personnel who have died in war serving in the armed forces. While every year sees tears fall, hearts break, and the country’s flag rises high in respect for those who have passed in service, this year in May will see mourning eased differently and celebrations of war heroes celebrated in a new way – the cannabis way. 

Recent times have seen the country support veterans more, those who are alive and those who are deceased. Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder can now, in some states, ease their mental struggles and depression symptoms with medical cannabis. 

Medical online sources state, “Some anecdotal evidence and scientific research suggest that cannabis can help with depression symptoms.” With this, cannabis, this year, seems like the perfect celebratory channel for those who’ve been in war and those who honor and celebrate those in the armed forces. It’s the perfect antidote to saddened minds and broken hearts.

Freedom For Our Country Is Freedom to Smoke Cannabis 

Our war heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in past battles fought to protect our freedoms as Americans. This, indirectly, means our freedom to use legal cannabis. In the current year, it’s only right to do just that. 

If it’s legal in your state, why not bring cannabis and cannabis-infused consumables to your social gathering, along with snacks and a barbeque? Bring these elements to your community gathering or when honoring a war hero at their grave site. Memorial day, after all, was about decorations, and now you can honor the fallen, but remembered, by decorating their graves with cannabis plants. Donating cannabis plants instead of flowers could be the new way to make Memorial Day memorable for yourself and your family, loved ones, and others you know who miss their war heroes.

Another way to express the freedom that was so diligently fought for is by gifting a war veteran with cannabis or cannabis-related products. Many suffer from depression and anxiety, so gifting them cannabis will help alleviate their mental issues. Pay your respect by spending time with these veterans and hearing their stories over a cloud of cannabis smoke. 

Similarly, visiting your local veteran services center and thanking those who reside there for their sacrifices is perfect for this holiday. Alternatively, you can write letters and create a care cannabis package to send to a veteran. 

To make Memorial Day memorable, you could attend a local Memorial Day festival and take your greens or cannabis-infused drinks and edibles. Our war heroes fought for our land, for our beautiful outdoors to enjoy now, in 2023. Now, we can enjoy these outdoors with a blunt, so make the most of this. 

Referring to community members, communities need to share memories. No matter where or what you do, it’s about sharing memories. Like every Memorial Day before us, we’ll share memories this year. However, you can pass a blunt around the group this year as you share memories. 

Whatever You Do, Take a Moment to Remember

While there are many ways to make Memorial Day memorable, it’s important to take a moment at 3 pm, as per the “National Moment of Remembrance Act,” to put that cannabis edible or smoke down next to you and to pause and consider the true meaning of this holiday.

At Nature Med, we support the troops and honor those who have passed. We also encourage everyone to create a memorable experience this Memorial Day, whether with cannabis or not. 

For those who’d like to celebrate with our products, we take pride in providing you and all of our customers with high-quality medicine, so you can feel confident knowing that when you buy from Nature Med, you get exactly what you need!

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